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A Level Media

Arts, Media and Publishing

Arts, Media and Publishing
Arts, Media and Publishing

What will you be working towards?

Code 14
Qualification Type GCE A/AS Level or Equivalent
Qualification Level Level 3
Course type Full Time


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Does the media reflect society fairly? Does the media influence the way we think? Are some types of media better

than others? How is social media changing the way in which we communicate? How does the film industry know

what we like? Is there such a thing as postmodernism? Is our media ‘fit for purpose’? Is the media sexist? And

why are film franchises like the Transformers series so successful?

If these are the kinds of question you find interesting, A Level Media Studies is the course for you.

A Level Media Studies is a demanding course that engages students with a wide variety of media forms. You will be introduced

to advanced media terminology and concepts, and will develop the ability to analyse a wide variety of media texts in relation

to different kinds of representation. You will explore how media products are used by industries to construct different

representations and how media audiences interpret these products. Furthermore, you will use aspects of the theoretical

framework to engage with a conceptual understanding of your own cross-media productions. You will also explore and

analyse the ideas and arguments from debates about the media. These debates will be drawn from historical and

modern media. Additionally, you will work on the creation of two media products in a variety of creative formats.

The media utilised for these pieces of work can cover video, web and print.

Entry requirements

A grade 4 or above in GCSE English. Successful students of Media Studies appreciate a wide variety of different

media e.g. television, music and games, and may also enjoy creating their own media products. It is not a

requirement for you to have studied GCSE Media Studies to access this course.

Students need to be organized, and able to cope with a demanding workload, and be resilient in response to the

challenges the course provides

Your next steps...

A Level Media Studies develops many useful skills that employers and further education establishments recognise

and appreciate, and a qualification in the subject will be a key asset if you are interested in any career that involves

working in many creative environments including film, television and design.

The UK leads the way internationally in many areas of media production. Those combined media industries (film,

television, newspapers, advertising) generate billions of pounds of revenue per year and play a prominent role in

everyday life. Understanding how the different media work, appreciating their size, scope and influence and being

able to create your own work using the latest software, can set you apart in the jobs market.

In terms of higher education, Media Studies will facilitate entry on to university courses in a variety of subjects beyond

Media itself – particularly those that involve a creative or analytical component. Former Media Studies have gone

on to study a diverse range of degrees, from Computing to Product Design, with the subject also serving as a useful

stepping stone for courses in the humanities and the arts, particularly English Literature.


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