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A Level: Geology

Science and Mathematics

Science and Mathematics
Science and Mathematics

What will you be working towards?

Code 60307821
Qualification Type GCE A/AS Level or Equivalent
Qualification Level Level 3
Course type Full Time


Geology at A level will provide you with a host of transferable skills and involves an unrivalled range of scientific disciplines within a single course. It therefore suits students who enjoy science and want another science subject to complement the others they are taking. It also suits those who don’t want to take traditional science A levels, but still want a scientific subject that will complement their arts options. It is a highly accessible course, enjoyed by anyone with an interest in the natural world.


Over two years students will study:

Module 1: Development of practical skills in geology

Module 2: Foundations in geology - minerals and rocks; fossils and time

Module 3: Global Tectonics - Earth structure; plate tectonics; geological structures

Module 4: Interpreting the past - sedimentary environments; geochronology, petrology and economic geology: applied sedimentology; fluids and geological processes; igneous petrology; metamorphic petrology; mining geology

Module 5: Geohazards - engineering geology; geohazards

Module 6: Basin analysis - key concepts; basin analysis in practice (includes fossils and oil/gas)

How will it be delivered?

Three exams at the end of year 13

Practical endorsement (pass/fail): Practical skills developed throughout the course

Entry requirements

6 grade 5s (or equivalent), including at least grade 5 in English Language or Literature.

5 or above in Maths and Double Science.


Your next steps...

The course provides an excellent foundation for higher education in any of the Earth or Environmental Sciences. As a fully accepted science subject it also aids admission onto other science, technology and engineering-based degree courses.

Geology also opens doors into the world of work, both in directly related careers such as exploration of natural resources, environmental work, civil engineering etc., and in other careers which require a scientific approach. Geologists now rank in the top 25 high earning careers. Travel opportunities for geologists are also outstanding; a career in geology could take you round the world.

In addition to subject knowledge, students studying Geology will have the opportunity to develop many basic skills. IT skills are often used, you will become an effective communicator and general scientific skills will also be developed. Students will also learn study skills which will be essential to their progress in Higher Education.


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