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A Level: French

Languages, Literature and Culture

Languages, Literature and Culture
Languages, Literature and Culture

What will you be working towards?

Code 6018727X
Qualification Type GCE A/AS Level or Equivalent
Qualification Level Level 3
Course type Full Time


If you are interested in languages and communication, if you enjoy learning about other cultures and ways of life, if you are interested in the business world, in travel or tourism, in literature, or in journalism and the media, you are likely to find the course enjoyable. There are number of options in the course where you can choose your topic or question to suit your interests. Whether you want to use language for work, for further study, training, or for leisure, this course will equip you with the necessary skills and knowledge.


Year 1 – Aspects of French-speaking society: current trends; Artistic culture in the French-speaking world, including study of a film.

Year 2- Aspects of French-speaking society: current issues; Aspects of political life in the French-speaking world, including the study of a French novel.

How will it be delivered?

Paper 1 – Listening, Reading and Translation

• Paper 2 – Writing (Cultural topics – book and film)

• Paper 3– Speaking (based on Individual Research Project)

Entry requirements

Six grade 5s (or equivalent), including at least grade 5 in Maths and English Language or Literature.

6 or above in the relevant language.


Your next steps...

With an A level in French, students will have the opportunity to apply for a language degree at University, or a degree in a different discipline, but with a language component. Due to the nature of the skills required to succeed in the A Level Language course, students will be equipped to pursue any academic area of their choice at University. Universities consider having an A Level in a language extremely valuable, so this would be beneficial, whatever your chosen career path might be. Many courses include the option to spend a year either working or studying abroad.

Having a language at A-level will certainly improve your employability, in particular with companies which have international operations. Whether you are interested in continuing your studies or working at home or abroad, a language course at A-level is an excellent step towards achieving your goals.

In order to secure the best grades at A level, it is essential that students make the effort to read around the topic areas and expand their own cultural and linguistic knowledge as much as possible. Students also need to prepare for the Independent Research Project, which forms the basis for their speaking exam, Unit 3, and they will find this much more manageable and enjoyable if they can show a genuine personal interest in an aspect of culture, language or history.


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