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Psychology - AQA A Level

Social Sciences

Social Sciences
Social Sciences
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Code PSYCHa2
Qualification Type GCE A/AS Level or Equivalent
Qualification Level Level 3
Course type Full Time


Head of Department: Mrs. L. Smith  

Psychology is an extremely popular A-level at CLCC. Students enjoy the interactivity and practical approach to lessons. Past students have praised the support received by staff and the enthusiasm shared for the subject. Psychology has a history of success with its results, with many students achieving or exceeding their target grade. Anyone who has a career interest that involves dealing with people should consider this course. Psychologists are known for their analytical and critical skills, as well as being well-regarded for their ability to communicate their ideas effectively. This means that psychologists are found within many different organisations within business, law, health care, education, medicine and sport. 

The course aims to enthuse the students with a passion for the subject. It looks in detail at everyday scenarios and concepts, analysing and explaining why they occur. Students will learn how to conduct psychological investigations and a range of statistical analyses, alongside the different approaches and scientific branches of the subject. As each of the examination papers includes 10% mathematical based questions, another aim of the course is also to embed a mathematical understanding and basic interpretation of results into student's learning.

Course outline 

Psychology is the scientific study of people's minds and behaviour.  It examines issues such as how a person thinks, feels and behaves in the real world.  It is based on careful research of many different areas of human experience, many of which are covered across the two year course, such as: 

• Aggression - What are its causes? 

• Attraction - Who do we like and why? 

• Mental Illness - What are its causes?  How can it be treated? 

• Memory - Why do we forget? 

• Development – What happens if we do not form an attachment as a child? 

• Biopsychology – How does your brain affect your behaviour? 

• Social – Why do you obey your teachers?... hopefully! 


All units are assessed externally by examination.   Three examinations taken at the end of Year 13. Students will also participate in internal assessments every 6-8 weeks, alongside mock examinations at Christmas and at the end of their Year 12. 

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The A-Level course is appropriate for students who wish to follow an academic path in Psychology, as it equips students with the knowledge and skills essential to both the mathematical and science disciplines.  Students have gone into many fields such as law, medicine, education and sport. 


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