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A Level: Statistics

Science and Mathematics

Science and Mathematics
Science and Mathematics
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Code RA-25
Qualification Type GCE A/AS Level or Equivalent
Qualification Level Level 3
Course type Full Time




Statistics is concerned with the collection, analysis and interpretation of data and is designed to develop an understanding of the design and analysis of experiments, testing of results and the interpretation and presentation of findings. As such, it complements subjects such as Business Studies, Economics, Biology, Geography, Sociology, Psychology and Sports Studies, most of which use statistical methods in their courses. However, we also commonly have successful students who choose Statistics to introduce breadth to their other studies in subjects such as Art, Performing Arts, English, Film and Media. For A level Statistics, students will study the foundations of statistical analysis using descriptive statistics methods and study in depth the techniques that are used for sampling and collecting data. Students will study in detail a wide variety of probability methods and distributions, such as Baye’s Theorem, the Binomial and Poisson distributions and the Normal and exponential distributions. These techniques are then widely applied to a variety of hypothesis testing methods that allows us the draw conclusions about collected data. A study of correlation and linear regression allows students to discover how these methods can be used to establish relationships between variables. Throughout the course, the emphasis is on critical analysis of methods, real-world contexts and the use of calculators to assist in the methods. Students who gained a grade 6 or above at GCSE usually cope well with the course. Students with a grade 5 should be advised that they could find the course difficult and we recommend that they Rawlins Maths Deprtment on 01509 622 800 extn 236 about their suitability for the course.

How will it be delivered?

Written Examination

Entry requirements

Rawlins Level 3 P16 entry requirements.  You will need to have achieved at least Grade 6 in GCSE Maths.

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The increasing statistical content of degree and other Higher Education courses and the study of statistics as part of many professional qualifications in employment makes Statistics a sensible choice for any student with sound mathematical ability. Every year some students go on to study Applied Statistics at degree level and graduates in this area find employment with relative ease. Students who pursue studies in other areas will find AS / A2 Statistics an excellent preparation for the increasing statistical content of degree courses. Scientific research, design and development; management services and computing; financial work; statistical work; teaching.


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