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A Level: Further Mathematics

Science and Mathematics

Science and Mathematics
Science and Mathematics
We are only accepting one application per candidate.

What will you be working towards?

Code RA-15
Qualification Type GCE A/AS Level or Equivalent
Qualification Level Level 3
Course type Full Time


This course is for students who have already chosen A level Mathematics and who wish to study the subject in even greater depth. Most students studying this subject are doing so because they want a sound basis for applying to a degree in Mathematics at university, and indeed most top universities would require this. The pure maths element of this course includes proofs, complex numbers, matrices, algebra and functions, calculus, vectors, polar coordinates and hyperbolic functions and trigonometry. The statistics options includes the study of general and specific probability distributions and hypothesis testing. The mechanics option includes the study of momentum and impulse, work, energy and power, elastic potential energy, circular motion and centres of mass. The discrete maths option includes critical path analysis, minimum connectors problems, the Travelling Salesperson problems, game theory and groups. We have yet to decide which two options would be most suitable for students to study. Further Mathematics, as it suggests, builds upon the ideas covered in the A level Maths course and takes them on to the next level. Consequently, students suitable for this course would have to be very keen mathematicians, who enjoy the subject and have very strong mathematical skills, especially in algebra. It is also assumed that they would be able to succeed at AS or A level mathematics with ease.

How will it be delivered?

Assessed by 3 papers, each 2 hours, equally weighted Paper 1: Further pure mathematics Paper 2: Further pure mathematics Paper 3: Two applications options (taken from mechanics, statistics and discrete maths)

Entry requirements

Rawlins Level 3 P16 entry requirements. 

You should have achieved at least Grade 7 at GCSE Maths at Higher Tier and already chosen A Level Mathematics as an option.

Your next steps...

Scientific research, design and development; management services and computing; financial work; statistical work; teaching. Students taking Further Mathematics would normally aim to go on to do a Mathematics degree, or a degree that has a high mathematical content, such as Physics or Astrophysics. In particular, it is almost becoming an essential requirement for the top universities for the above courses. As with A level Mathematics it would be an excellent preparation for other courses, such as Chemistry, Combined Sciences, Computing and IT, Accounting, Business Studies, Economics, Mechanical Engineering and Design.


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