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A Level: Psychology

Science and Mathematics

Science and Mathematics
Science and Mathematics
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Code 133
Qualification Type GCE A/AS Level or Equivalent
Qualification Level Level 3
Course type Full Time


Psychology is the scientific study of the mind and its functions, especially those affecting behaviour in a given context. Why study psychology? Psychology has assumed an increasingly important role in solving human problems as society has became progressively more complex. Psychologists are concerned with a variety of problems. What child-rearing methods produce happy and effective adults? How can mental illness be prevented? What can be done to eliminate race prejudice? What family and social conditions contribute to alienation, aggression and crime? How should the dials on the instrument panel of jet aircraft be arranged to minimalise pilot error? Psychology affects our lives through its influence on laws and public policy. Laws concerning discrimination, capital punishment and the conditions under which a person may be held legally responsible for his actions are influenced by psychological theories of human nature.



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Entry requirements

The standard offer for all A level programmes is 5 subject passes at Grade 5.This must include English Language and Maths. For some subjects such as Further Maths ,Science and psychology, there will be additional requirements.

Your next steps...

You could take this course to complement other advanced level courses or to prepare for the A2 in Psychology, which could lead you onto higher education to study Psychology or more general higher education courses. With further training, you could go into a job related to Psychology. The qualification will also help you develop skills, understanding and knowledge that many employers across lots of industries are looking for.


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