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A Level: Art and Design

Arts, Media and Publishing

Arts, Media and Publishing
Arts, Media and Publishing
We are only accepting one application per candidate.

What will you be working towards?

Code 116
Qualification Type GCE A/AS Level or Equivalent
Qualification Level Level 3
Course type Full Time


What do I need to know or be able to do before taking this course? The best foundation for success in Advanced Subsidiary and Advanced GCE in Art & Design is a good grade at GCSE. Above all, you should have an interest in creating and understanding art and the determination to develop that interest. In exceptional circumstances students without a GCSE in Art will be considered on the strength of their portfolio. What will I learn on this Advanced GCE course? The main purpose of the course in art, craft and design is to develop your ability to appreciate the visual world, to respond in a personal and creative way and to express your thoughts, ideas and feelings. You will develop your imaginative and creative powers and your experimental, analytical and documenting skills. You will also develop a specialist vocabulary and the knowledge and understanding of the place of art, craft and design in history and in contemporary society. The specific skills you acquire will be determined to some extent by the area of study you choose – for example graphic design, photography, film, textiles or fine art. Whether you see yourself as a painter, a fashion designer or a filmmaker, the same basic rules and skills apply. The majority of the A Level students move on to a Foundation Course in Art and Design, where they finally decide on a specialism. What kind of student is this course suitable for? AS &Advanced GCE in Art &Design is suitable for students: · who wish to study art, craft and design at a higher level usually at art college or further education; · who are looking to take up careers for which an art background is relevant, for example careers in advertising, publishing, architecture, museums, theatre, art gallery work or teaching / lecturing, illustration, fine art; · with an interest in and aptitude for the subject who do not intend to study it further, but who see it as an opportunity for enjoyment, personal growth and expression.



How will it be delivered?


Entry requirements

The standard offer for all A level programmes is 5 subject passes at Grade 5.This must include English Language and Maths. For some subjects such as Further Maths ,Science and psychology, there will be additional requirements.

Your next steps...

You could take this course to complement other advanced level courses to prepare for the A2 in Art and Design, which could lead onto higher education in areas of art and design or more general higher education courses. With further training, you could go into a job related to art and design.


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